We didn't consider keeping our own Honey Bees until we discovered their unique design and purpose!

On this site, we will show you how to do it too, just like we have.

Here is a picture of my son and me working a few of our top-bar hives that we built. A top-bar hive is one of many different types of hives that bee keepers use. Among other reasons, we like using it (see our Bee keeping philosophy) because we don't have to be Superman to lift all those heavy honey boxes that are used in commercial hives. This might be a little confusing if you are completely new to beekeeping. That's why we're here, to share what we've learned, give you opportunities to share what you've learned and have a good time!

Honey Bees and why we're here...

If you were to receive the knowledge, inspiration and encouragement to get started...we think you will agree that this hobby is a doable, rewarding and instructional experience.

This site serves a two-fold purpose...

1) Share our experiences...both our failures and successes.

2) Share knowledge and information about these wonderful insects.


Of the 20,000 different
species in the world,
only SIX are honey bees!

These fascinating creatures keep our food supply intact. In many ways, the effort to minimize world hunger hangs on their wings. These insects are vital to certain food industries because they are super pollinators.

We'll keep you"in the news" about them, and you'll learn about the history of apiculture and possible causes of Colony Collapse Disorder(CCD)

ENTOMOLOGY (the study of insects) has given us numerous facts about their anatomy, life cycle, dances, colonies, and different races (just to name a few). Their unique ability to communicate and demonstrate tireless diligence are admirable qualities!

You will be informed and inspired about the joys and challenges we face as our family shares life on our urban homestead.

We would fall short if we only told

you about the honey, wax and pollen

of these complex creatures. There are

numerous other healthy products.

The Bee Keeper learns to become an astute observer and learner! He/she will become knowledgeable about pollination, stings, feral colonies, the removal of unwanted hives and much more.  You will also learn how you can build your own apiary by catching swarms and building bait hives without spending much money..

This hobby is an EXTREMELY enjoyable and rewarding activity, we hope you'll join us!

Honey Bee Blog
The Honey Bee Blog keeps you up-to-date with all additions and changes to the Keeping-Honey-Bees.com Web site. Subscribe here.
Honey Bee Facts
Discover amazing honey bee facts! Find information about the functional stages of a worker bee, the bee dance, beebread, bee anatomy, etc.
Honey Bee News
Find out the latest...from recent science articles to this week's Honey Bee News!
The Apiary
An Apiary is a special place for your bees. Explore your options.
Knowing which beehives are best for you will depend on who you are and what you want.
Bee Keeping Equipment...seven factors to determine your equipment needs.
Bee keeping equipment needs vary depending on these SEVEN factors.
The Bee Keeper
Eight reasons to become a Bee Keeper!
Raw Honey...natural sweetener extraordinaire!
Raw honey is so precious that throughout history men have been willing to risk life and limb to proccur it!
Honey Recipes. A place to give and take.
Honey recipes are fun to share with others. Here is a place where you can try other's recipes and share some of your own favorites.
Bee enemies and diseases. Identification and treatment
Bee enemies and diseases and how they work together to take over a colony.
Colony Collapse Disorder (CCD)
Colony Collapse Disorder has nations scrambling for answers!
Bee Removal
Free bee removal or learn how to DIY (do it yourself)
Bee Stings
Bee stings and how to remedy after being stung
Our Family
Here we talk about our family experiences. Our urban homestead features honey bees, a large garden, a flock of hens, a herd of dairy goats, two dogs and a few "barn cats".
Keeping-Honey-Bees.com's Privacy Policy
Our privacy policy and how we use the information we gather from this site.
Spanish Lavender is a top five plant for Honey Bees in Texas!
Spanish Lavender may very well be THE most sought-after plant...by both humans and honey bees alike! The pleasing aroma of this perennial plant is clean and refreshing!
Our apiary journal
Our apiary journal. A place for entries of our bee related activities, our observations, suggestions and tips
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Build or Buy your own Bee Vac!

Bee Removal Stories

Bee removals are extremely rewarding.

Not only is the beekeeper providing a service to the resident, but he/she is also saving bees and building up their apiary. An added benefit is the genetic diversity gained through the introduction of potential feral colonies.

Here are some of my recent adventures...

Wild Honey Bees in Mansfield


Trial and Tribulations of a hobby beekeeper