Free bee removal or...
DIY (Do It Yourself)

Two scenarios...two solutions for bee removal  

If you keep honey bees, you will want to learn how to gain a free colony for your own apiary. Or, if you have found a swarm of bees on your property and you need someone to come help you remove them, you will need to find out who can assist you.

Although Pest Control companies will not offer free bee removal, some may have contacts with local beekeepers who can remove the bees for a small fee and sometimes for free.  Another option is to call your county extension office.  They might have local beekeepers' phone number for you to call.  It doesn't hurt to ask!

Let me tell you about my first bee removal...

As my wife and our 9-year-old daughter approached the entrance of our local grocery store, our daughter noticed what she thought was a large birds nest.

Nearing the tree in which this "nest" was located, they realized that it was a swarm of bees! 

My 11-year-old son and I found a pair of pruning shears, a saw, 2 veils and a small cardboard box. And we took off...hoping that the swarm would not decide to leave before we arrived!

After we arrived, my wife and daughter headed for home and these two bee keepers began to work.

The swarm was centered on a small branch about 1/2 inch thick, so we pruned the wood surrounding the swarm and then cut the branch and dropped it in the box. My son had his veil on, but I knew that swarms are not aggressive because they have nothing to protect (honey stores, brood, etc.) I was in jeans and a t-shirt.

I received one sting on my wrist (right by my shiny watch), but other than that, there were no other complications. As a matter of fact, this happened so fast (2-3 minutes) that we actually caught up to my wife as she was pulling into the main street of our little town.

Arriving home, we prepared their new home. We did not have an extra hive, so we used one end of our largest top-bar hives.

Last week we had installed the last of our five hives in this unit, but there is enough room on one end to house this new colony. This will have to do until we can build another top bar hive.

We have one concern...

Although unlikely...

What if we have just caught a swarm of africanized bees?

Stay tuned for updates!

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Find local resources for bee removal

If you reside in any of the following counties in Texas (Dallas, Tarrant, Johnson, Ellis or Navarro), please fill out the Contact Us form below for references to local beekeepers who can help you.

Have A Great Story About A Bee Removal Experience?

Share a bee removal story with us! Not only is it fun to hear about the experiences of others, it is instructional as well. If you are beekeeper who wants your contact information available for those who need bee removal service, please leave the necessary information in this post. Story submissions will form the basis for entry into our bee-removal directory.

If you just want to share your story, that's the main thing...jump right in!

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Bee Removal Stories

Bee removals are extremely rewarding.

Not only is the beekeeper providing a service to the resident, but he/she is also saving bees and building up their apiary. An added benefit is the genetic diversity gained through the introduction of potential feral colonies.

Here are some of my recent adventures...

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