Discover amazing honey bee facts!

Here, you will find Honey Bee Facts about...their anatomy...

...the functional stages of a worker bee...

...bee bread...

...the bee dance...etc.

Do you know what pheromones are, and what they have to do with bees?

How many stages are there in a honey bees' life cycle?

How long do bees live? What makes up a colony?

Why do they "make" honey?

How do they make honey?

How do they make wax, and create their comb in such perfect symmetry?  

What little known insect in the south GREATLY harms a honey bee colony if undetected?

Have you heard of a bee swarm? Why do they do that?

A drone is a type of honey bee. The name itself sounds so dull and boring. What is a drone and are they dull and boring?  

Do you want to know more about the queen honey bee, or the means by which honey bees reproduce?  How do honey bees see

Do you want to learn how they communicate?  Why are we hearing so much about missing bees?   Is it possible that modern technology has inadvertently affected the honey bees' sophisticated navigation system?

All of these questions might feel overwhelming, but taken one at a time, they foster an awe in the complexity of these wonderful creatures' design!

After we installed our first package of honey bees, I found myself looking for bees.  Flowers became eye-catchers to me, as I learned how honey bees and flowers functioned in a symbiotic relationship.


Questions arose on which type of plants attracted honey bees the most.

Before my adventure into bee keeping,  I was too consumed with my world to give them a seconds' thought.

Now, life became filled with a greater level of vibrancy and vigor!

Come explore with us as we look into what makes these super organisms function in such high complexity!


Bee Anatomy
Bee Bread
Colony Collapse Disorder
Our Apiary Journal

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Bee removals are extremely rewarding.

Not only is the beekeeper providing a service to the resident, but he/she is also saving bees and building up their apiary. An added benefit is the genetic diversity gained through the introduction of potential feral colonies.

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