How we processed our
honey soap recipe

Honey soap recipes are not the easiest soaps to make because there are special steps to take to integrate the honey into the soap.

However, that's not why we're here. We thought it might encourage others to hear how we started. Our hope is that you will see that you can begin right where you're at and learn from there.

 Here's our story...

Poison Ivy control

Our family loves homesteading and farm life! We began by purchasing a couple of small goats to clear the poison ivy off our property.

They did a great job!

Raw Goats Milk

Eventually, we purchased two more large goats (Saanan and Alpine) for fresh, raw milk for our own use. After learning how to make cheese, ice cream and yogurt, we still had more milk than we knew what to do with.

So, instead of feeding our pet dogs all the excess milk, I decided to learn how to make soap!

Gather Knowledge First

I was on a quest to not be wasteful and make good healthy soap products for my family. I bought books and searched the web to turn my excess into something useful.

Cold-Processed Soap

With my first batch of soap, I was terrified of the lye, so I cautiously ventured into the unknown with my first batch of cold-processed soap.

  Greatly encouraged by my first success, I couldn't wait to try again!

Hot-Processed Soap

I soon discovered that I could make soap to use immediately by using the hot-process method.

I figured that, this way I didn't have to wait four weeks for the soap to cure. We could use it the next day!

I purchased a crock pot specifically for hot-process soap making and away I went.

Honey Soap

My husband is a bee keeper, so I wanted to try soap recipes using goats milk and honey.

We have tried several honey soap recipes. We have found some that we liked better than others, but there is nothing quite like the sweet earthy aroma of soap made from honey!

Now I am teaching some of my children to make soap.


Honey Recipes

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